For more than a year, the public sector has blocked the social sector, so the first one could not by replaced by the second, using exaggerated taxes, which have originated the macro-State and have left the people without money so they cannot support the social sector´s organizations, using restrictive laws and taking over collective education and health, which were born in the social sector, the same as the defense of the workers’ rights, of environment and of immigrants.

Social sector’s organizations are better than public bodies. They are less corrupted, more effective and they provide more, better and cheaper services.

The social sector is necessary because it provides progress,
whereas public sector provides, mainly, decay.

The Way to Change the World (Part 1 of 2) The decline of the industrial system.
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The Way to Change the World (Part 2 of 2) Emerging System
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Essay "Social Revolution's 7th decade" PDF

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