The social sector must grow more than the macro-State, so the former can replace the latter. At the end, the public sector must be privatized, mainly in the social sector, making the macro-State disappear.

 In the same way, in the international bodies where the NPOs are already working, these will have to change their present consultative position for an executive one, so they can participate in the decisions.

 Eliminating the macro-State, the terrible consequences of its existence, of the “violence exerted by the State (words said by the World Social Forum in 2001), can be eliminated too. More of these words would be: dumbness and indoctrination, dehumanization (World Social Forum), sadomasochism (Erich Fromm), promotion of biologic illness and mental disorders, dangerous financial system, systemic corruption (cultural, institutional ,business, etc), poverty, hunger, wars and dangerous environmental damage. The international bodies state that the generations to come will have a worse life than the one their parents had. The decay is already unstoppable due to the macro-State’s failure, sheltered by parliamentary democracies and the United Nation’s intergovernmental nature. 

The public sector is the problem and the solution is the social sector.
Macro-State = systemic corruption (business, cultural, institutional and social) = decay.

The Way to Change the World (Part 1 of 2) The decline of the industrial system.
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The Way to Change the World (Part 2 of 2) Emerging System
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